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Welcome to TMI.

From Inception to Fruition.

So Micah had this really good idea. He was certain that this “thing” should be in the hands of every consumer on the planet. He looked around, but the Googles, they had nothing. Excellent! That meant that he could… um… What exactly happens next? Where does one go from here?

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That’s when he sought out the first of his (soon to be) partners. Daniel was adept at upper level corporate business, an old-school “white hat” hacker, and someone he could trust to keep everything confidential. The two worked for a while to make sure that the idea had actual merit. Daniel raised a lot of questions that Micah hadn’t thought to ask. Most importantly, he challenged the idea itself, and every way he could imagine to make it not work. Once those challenges were overcome, they had to… Well, Micah had no idea.

After beating the idea to death for a few months with researching, planning, and re-engineering on paper, there was still no clear path forward until Micah remembered an acquaintance (and eventual dear friend) from a Fellowship he held with the University of Kentucky… Johnathan. Johnathan worked for the KY Innovation Network. The Network provided a lot of services to people who were in very similar situations.

Through Johnathan, Micah met the second of the soon-to-be partners. Jim, one of the most talented Patent Attorneys in the Commonwealth, ran an international patent search. Eventually, he helped write and file a provisional and eventually Utility Patents. Jim was also a chemist, and former Project Manager in new product development at Ashland. His thorough insights led to unparalleled comfortability with the legal aspects of individual and idea protection.

Now that there was some legal protection, it was time to see if the idea could be implemented. Micah remembered another acquaintance (again, soon-to-be friend and business partner) that he had on Facebook. Eric was an individual that, based upon gut instinct alone, he contacted and met with to work on the software programming. Turns out he was a highly skilled programmer who was “stuck” building websites and was looking for something more challenging... In other words, a perfect fit.

John was the last to come aboard. Most of the group had met John after the decision to form TMI had already been made. At the time, he was working for the Chamber of Commerce in Bowling Green. When his contract with them expired, he was approached about the possibility of joining the little group to utilize his vast marketing ability, not to mention his ability to capture a room and network with ease.

From start to finish, this process took a couple of years… most of which was spent wandering around aimlessly not knowing what to do next.

TMI was founded to overcome that very obstacle. The reality is that most great ideas aren’t hatched in corporate boardrooms. They aren’t found within academia. Most great ideas don't even come to market because they are lost in the process and lie dormant in frustration. TMI hopes to change all of that... to be the very Instruction manual AND the Machine to move ideas from Inception to Fruition, from beginning to end, or anywhere in between.


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